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1400 series Casement

The WCVW 1400 series Casement design offer architects and builders a unique product for residential new construction, remodeling or Multi-Family applications. Multiple window configurations can be designed with one system along with its elegant contoured sash creates a millwork appearance. The WCVW 1400 series casement offers a compression seal projected window that provides high energy efficiency, structural and acoustic performance, and security.

Ratings up to DP-75 can be achieved as well as Dade County hurricane impact ratings. The WCVW 1400 series Casement window is available in White, Beige and Clay core color Upvc and can also be laminated with anodized, solid or wood-grain foils. Awnings, hoppers or fixed elements can be integrated to complete the WCVW 1400 series system.

  1. Galvanized Steel reinforced frame and sash
  2. Concealed hardware with Multiple locking points and triple weather seals
  3. Four chamber design for structural strength and enhanced energy efficiency
  4. Interior glazed for added security and easy glass replacement
  5. Fusion welded corners for added strength and air & water resistance
  6. Accessory grooves that accept a variety of nail-fins, jamb extensions as well as to couple elements together
  7. Glass thickness from 1/4” to 1-3/8” for high performance and maximum STC ratings.