About West Coast Fenestration Systems


West Coast Fenestration Systems (West Coast) was founded in 1993 as West Coast Vinyl Windows, Inc. in Cerritos, CA. and serves all of North America. West Coast has been at the forefront of the high quality Upvc window and door business since its inception. As a Certified Rehau and Veka fabricator, we were one of the first manufactures to offer European designed Upvc systems on the West Coast. West Coast is also one of the very few window manufactures of any type that produces its own tempered, insulated, laminated, beveled, and v-grooved glass in-house. We take great pride in our flexibility in serving our customers requirements with a goal of complete satisfaction.


West Coast is a privately owned company headquartered in Cerritos, CA. Charles Neubauer is the President, with over 25 years experience in window and glass manufacturing / fabrication. The current production and sales staff have successfully taken the company into new markets with innovative products building on the company's reputation for superior products and filling the unique needs of its customers.


West Coast began as and remains a manufacture of custom Upvc doors and windows. Our products are sold though two channels: builders and dealer/distributors. We sell primarily though leading window and door distributors throughout the Western United States and direct to the Commercial, Multi-Family, Hotel, and Mid-Rise builder segments throughout North America.


Our Customer Service Team allows us the flexibility to react quickly to any and all of our customers' needs. These specialists are cross-trained, seasoned employees that have an extensive knowledge of the industry. We focus on manufacturing excellence, unparalleled customer service and enduring quality. We are proud of our history of correct, courteous, and on time delivery.


Our highly experienced Sales Team is a group of hardworking experts in their field that have been trained in the vinyl window and door industry. Individually and combined, their wealth of knowledge and experience in our industry is unsurpassed.


West Coast manufactures quality products that provide the highest level of energy efficiency. The materials used, including Upvc and insulated glass, have inherent energy efficient properties with the potential to meet or exceed any current or future need.

West Coast Fenestration Systems manufactures architectural steel reinforced vinyl products and systems for Commercial, Multi Family, Hotel and Mid-Rise applications as well as High-End Residential projects.

From thermal efficiency and sustainability to Sound control (STC), hurricane and blast resistance, West Coast Fenestration Systems products are designed for both aesthetics and performance.

West Coast Fenestration Systems products are tested and certified by independent laboratories that specialize in AAMA, NFRC, and acoustic testing. Most windows and doors exceed the design requirements for water penetration which is a critical factor in the Pacific Northwest.

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